About Us

Gullys Garden Florist is a home based business in the suburb of Coopers Plains. I started my business after the loss of my mother - to which I have named my business after. I started my business on the 25th September 2009. Why the 25th September that is my mums birthday Why did I name my business Gullys Garden.
My mums nick name was Little Gully (why I don't know). As a child I would spend time in the Garden with my mum and as I grew older I would visit and where was my mum looking after her garden - I have spend many times talking and being with my mum in that garden - So hence the name Gullys Garden - to this day I love and miss my mum - but I know in having named my business after my mum that she is
with me every single day and the love I have for her is placed into every single bouquet or arrangement I do - I try to get to know a little of why my customers are ordering flowers - is it a special occasion or is it because you have lost that someone special - I try to convey a little of the love in the gift that is being sent.
I will always have my memories of my mum - but will also try to send the love I have for my mum to all that support my business. I truly love what I do and I love the thought that I have been given this opportunity to share that love and help create a memory.

Flowers can send many messages: Love, Romance, Sorry, Thinking of you, Get Well, Miss you - In every order I will try to convey that message.
I am Thankful of your support